Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's MySpace And I'll Cry If I Want To

First published on MySpace blog - 08/04/2011

I see myself returning to a situation like we had about a year ago, where I have one default browser for general use and another one which I keep by JUST to use for MySpace

I've been beta-testing version 4 of Firefox. All in all, I've been delighted with it; pages load faster, the plugins are that much more efficient - even MySpace showed a marked improvement for a while (with the exception of the new Threads page, which still takes an age to load. That's another issue).

Now I realise that, as a browser, it's not going to suit everyone. As I never tire of pointing out, everyone's system is different and no one solution works for everybody. Some have reported that using hardware acceleration with 'Fox4 has caused their machines to crash while watching YouTube videos. But I'd personally encountered no major problems, until now...

This week, MySpace announced that it is "launching a revision to our navigation", which, upon arrival, completely screwed up my home page. Several of the modules which should have been in the right-hand narrow column, suddenly appeared in a broken state at the bottom of the page. The menu bar for the stream was broken, with white stripes where there should have been grey and vice versa. A number of the buttons didn't function properly. The whole thing looked like an example of very bad java programming gone horribly wrong.

Now when I come across anomalies like this, the first thing I do (after swearing at the screen for a few minutes) is turn off my Stylish scripts to see if the mess is one of my own making.

I will usually also curse the retarded state of my internet connection at this point. If that fails to provide enlightenment, then I look at the page on a completely different browser (or five), and see if there is any difference. And lo! using one or other of "the leading internet browsers", the homepage appeared (probably) as MySpace intended, with the various modules where they should be and the menus looking like they
HAD been designed and not thrown together by a five-year old.

The highly knowledgeable and vociferous Seb asked, "What? How could MySpace be expected to have made itself compatible with a browser that didn't exist at the time?". I repeat, the homepage was fine with the changes they made a few weeks ago. It was when they changed it again THIS week that the problems started!

So, long story short, rather than COMPLETELY change my internet browser YET again just to please MySpace, I have 'rolled back' to the latest version of Firefox 3 instead [3.6.16, to be precise] - Luckily, I'd had the forethought to install 4Beta in a separate location, so that I could switch back to 'old' Firefox should the need arise...

I submitted my feedback to those awfully nice folks at Mozilla (with their rainforests and cute red pandas and all that), informing them that, although I have personally been delighted with their nice new browser, I will have to stop using it for a while, because it makes MySpace physically sick.

Using Firefox 3, everything is fine and dandy... until, of course MySpace
move the goalposts yet again with their danged 'improvements'... I've a feeling we've been here before.



Red... I love reading your blogs. You are very witty, informative, and intelligent. I've given up on my____ and have chosen the path of the dark side... facebook. I load up my____ every now and then to play an app or listen to my playlist, but other than that, I don't do much else on my____ anymore. They keep making too many changes too often. I keep thinking they'll straighten things out, but the hope of that looks very grim. If they did get it functional they'd just mess it up again... which vaguely reminds me of our government. There are too many idiots in the house. 

Seb... FF 3.6.16 is a hunk o' junk too - have you thought seriously about Chrome? Chrome rocks and MySpace is optimized for it!
PP... @Seb - I have personally been enjoying a smooth ride with 3.6.16 - but it might be a time for a reappraisal, if there is nowhere else to go next but version 4. I have liked using Chrome before now... And Opera... And Safari... But I gather from various message boards that there have been issues with MySpace on Chrome as well (erroneous text entry; having to press buttons several times before they do anything). As I have hammered home elsewhere, different browsers all work differently on different machines. Maybe I'll switch over to Chrome for a few days and see how it goes. My main concern was with the Chrome version of Stylish. It's a bit strange and my scripts didn't always work properly. I can always switch back again...

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