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Minty Blue Minimalism #1 (2011/05/12)

First published on MySpace blog - 12/05/2011
In which our hero discovers the wonder of the STYLISH plug-in for Firefox and takes it upon himself to beautify the MySpace homepage.

MySpace might change the homepage on an almost weekly basis now, but it's nothing to do with me what they do. Okay, let's get this straight. I don't want my homepage "HIJACKED" by various American SLEBS of whom I've never heard. I don't want it cluttered with IRRELEVANCES. All I need is the stream container and a way of interacting with it and my friends thereon. End of.

That day, a few months ago, when I discovered the joys of the STYLISH plug-in (via this helpful blog) was a ROAD TO DAMASCUS moment for me.

Now I can do THIS!

Minty's Homepage

Yep! How's THAT for a stripped-to-the-waist homepage?


Some of you, I know, are already Stylish-savvy. But this will be new to many of you. If you haven't already twigged, you first need to be using Firefox as your browser-du-jour (or Google Chrome, I've been told to say...) and you need to install the Stylish plug-in (Click on "Add-Ons" in your Fox's "Tools" menu). When you done that and restarted the 'Fox, you'll notice a little [S] icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the window. I've also added a Stylish button to my tool bar, as you can just about see in the screenshot above. Open up the Stylish window and click on "Write New Style".


Your script should always open with the www-compliance bit and the name of the page you are modifying:-
@namespace url('')
@-moz-document url-prefix('')
Then you have to enclose the script itself with wiggly brackets like this:-

This bit removes all the stuff in the right hand column. Away with it all, I say! I don't need any of it, because all the stuff I DO want to know about is accessible via the menus at the top. No more clutter for me!
article.NotificationsModule {display: none !important;}
article.bestOfTheFixModule {display: none !important;}
article.RecommendationsModule {display: none !important;}
article.bulletinsModule {display: none !important;}
article.manageMyStuffModule {display: none !important;}
article.myVisitorsModule {display: none !important;}
article.bandArtistDashboardModule {display: none !important;}
article.upcomingShowsModule {display: none !important;}
article.friendSpaceModule {display: none !important;}

This removes those unhelpful stream view buttons (we only need the List View anyway), closes up the space where the adverts aren't, and - HOORAY! - banishes the ugly black IM bar:-
ul.streamViews {display: none !important;}div#tkn_leaderboard, div.labeled_ad, article.googleAdSenseModule {display: none !important;}
ul.footertools {display: none !important;}
This makes that huge great list of irrelevancy at the bottom of the page less akin to a sore thumb. The grey and white boxes are banished, just leaving the mid-grey text on a transparent backgound. I've also done this to my profile page, as that white box looks horrid on a dark coloured profile.:-
li.checkerLightBG {display: none !important;}
li.userAlerts {display: none !important;}
div.moduleFooter {display: none !important;}
div.gracefulinjection {display: none !important;}

And finally, this is where the stream and other containers get coloured in tasteful shades of blue, and are resized to fit a wider screen (after all, you got all that empty white space there now you've cleaned out the garbage!) Oh, and I've just added some script for making the text nice and sharp instead of that eyewatering grey that we have now! -
.superShareContainer {background-color:#ddeeff!important; width: 715px !important;}
.horizontalMenu {background-color:#ffffff!important; width: 800px !important;}
.dropdownFriendCategories {background-color:#ddeeff!important;float:right!important;}
.activityStreamModule {background-color:#ddeeff!important; width: 800px !important;font-size:12px!important;color:#000000!important;}
.commentContainer {background-color:#bbddff!important;font-size:12px!important;color:#000000!important;}

Don't forget to close your brackets!

...and that's it really! Copy all of that guff into your Stylish editor, click 'Save' and Minty's your uncle. When you get really brave, you can play around with the colours by changing the hexadecimal values in that last section (eg; the #ddeeff, #bbddff bits).

Clue: #000000 is black and #ffffff is white. The six digits represent the relative values of the RED, GREEN and BLUE pixels, two characters each (#??,??,??)

Once again, a million thanks to PFEIFFER STYLEZ CUSTOMIZING

Mlle Kitty La Morte... See comment on yer blog~ & I saw li'l ol' me on your display homepage (no, I'm not seeking fame; just a bit of a laff to see it).  Yer the GREATEST for teaching & sharing.  Thank you!

Mlle Kitty La Morte... OMG! My head is reeling (& that looks really funny!)...Since I can only retain so much info in said head at one time, I will print these delicious directions detailing how to fix my fucked up pages (can I say "fucked up"?) ~ and, Minty, you ARE my Uncle!  Hurray for you!!!!!  PS~ what  is a SLEB? Are SLEBS only American or do they come in all flavors?  XO & THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!    
PP... Sometime in the last ten years or so, the overused and inappropriate term "CELEBRITY" has got abbreviated to the loathsome non-word "CELEB" by those in the media who also bandy around the phrase "REALITY TV". It is usually pronounced "SLEB". Very few 'celebrities' justify any sort of celebration at all.

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