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Minty Blue Minimalism #4 (2011/08/17)

First published on MySpace blog - 17/08/11
In which our hero panics a bit because the beloved scripts are not compatible with Firefox 6.

First the bad news: If, like me, you trust Mozilla every time they tell you there are 'vital security updates' to the Firefox browser... then you will have noticed by now that the latest update (v6) for Windoze is NOT compatible with our old friend STYLISH.

Well, that's a bit of a blow for your old Uncle Minty and NO mistake! Hopefully that will be rectified soon. But in the meantime, I'm back to using one browser for MySpace and one for 'everything else', a situation I have found myself in several times over the years.

This week, I'm coming to all you Spacechums courtesy of GOOGLE CHROME. The latest tweaks to my ongoing, ever evolving STYLISH script will therefore reflect this situation. Here's the script yet again in all its glory. I will point out any changes as we go along. First the 'general' section. In Chrome this applies to all "URLs on the domain...". The first bit is 'same-old-same-old':-

article.bestOfTheFixModule {display: none !important;}
article.RecommendationsModule {display: none !important;}
article.bulletinsModule {display: none !important;}
article.manageMyStuffModule {display: none !important;}
article.myVisitorsModule {display: none !important;}
article.bandArtistDashboardModule {display: none !important;}
article.upcomingShowsModule {display: none !important;}
article.friendSpaceModule {display: none !important;}
div.commentContainer {font-size:12px!important;color:#000000!important;}
ul.streamViews {display: none !important;}
ul.footertools {display: none !important;}

This next bit removes that pesky advertising space from all pages:-

div.labeled_ad, ad_container.medrec2, ad_container.adspecial1 {display: none !important;}
div#tkn_leaderboard, article.googleAdSenseModule {display: none !important;}
div.module.module3.columnModule1.even.RecommendationsModule.draggable {display: none !important;}

This is specifically targetted at the LOG-IN screen. You're a MySpace member, right? Then you don't need the sign up button anymore. Don't want Facebook? Begone, link button! Ah! the hell with it, let's empty the whole thing of everything except the menu bar. You can still log in from there! Away with all the pop celebrity trivia. (I realise this might be a bit radical for some, but you can always skip this bit, okay?)

div.linksColumn {display: none !important;}
article#module-2.module.module2.columnModule0.odd.InfoGraphicModule {display: none !important;}
div.infographic {display: none !important;}
div.splashMedia {display: none !important;}
div.footershim {display: none !important;}
div.musicColumn {display: none !important;}
div.splashSignUp {display: none !important;}
article#module-3.module.module3.columnModule0.odd.SignUpV2Module.draggable {display: none !important;}
div.curatorsColumn {display: none !important;}
div.topicsColumn {display: none !important;}
li.first,li.second,li.third {display: none !important;}
section#col2_0.column.column0.columnPath2_0.columnDepth1.firstColumn.lastColumn.allowDrop {display: none !important;}

That big box with all the lists at the bottom of every page: It's an eyesore. At least get rid of the white background so that it blends in with YOUR colour scheme:-

li.checkerLightBG {display: none !important;}
div.alertsRequests {display: none !important;}
div.moduleFooter {display: none !important;}
div.gracefulinjection {display: none !important;}

"ARTISTS": this should remove those annoying Facebook ads/pop-ups that make an appearance now every time you refresh the homepage (I say 'should'; it doesn't appear to work QUITE so well in the CHROME version. I'll work on this and get back to you!):-

section#col0_0 {display:none!important;}
div.glue-dialog.FBMP.large, div.glue-overlay {display:none!important;}
article.module.module6.columnModule2.odd.AdContainerModule.draggable {display:none!important;}

This part applies to the BLOG pages. I've cleared all the crap out of the right hand column and then made the blog post area wider. Again, I'm not sure yet if this works efficiently in Chrome.
____STOP PRESS____ No... I don't think this bit works any more! I think I might have to come back to it. All Chromehead feedback would be very welcome! I'd particularly like to know how to resize the "article.module.module1.columnModule0.odd.SingleBlogModule" box to the full width of the page, as the text runs the width of the page, but the background box doesn't anymore!

Include ONE of the following 2 options. This will colour in your homepage background, either with a plain fill or a bitmap picture from a library source. You can, of course, replace the picture URL with one of your own. Don't forget to make that strip of empty space between the modules match your scheme, as well as the background to the stream tabs:-

.userHome {background-color:#aaddff!important;}
.layout {background-color:#aaddff!important;}
.streamTabs {background-color:#aaddff!important;}
.userHome {background: url("")!important;}
.layout {background: url("")!important;}
.streamTabs {background: url("")!important;}

Most of this is the same as the old script, I think:-

div.sysMessage {background-color:#bbddff!important;}
article.NotificationsModule {background-color:#eeeeff!important; border-radius:0px!important;width: 130px !important; float:right!important;}
span.indicator, li.notification Online {background-color:#ffffff!important; color:#ddddee!important;}
span.userCircleIconDarkWhite, span.birthdayCircleIconDarkWhite, span.mailCircleIconDarkWhite {display: none !important;}
li.recent {display: none !important;}
li.secondLast {padding-bottom:6px!important;border-bottom:1px!important;color:#ffffff!important;}
.container {background-color:#ffffff!important;}
.superShareContainer {background-color:#bbddff!important; width: 715px !important;}
.horizontalMenu {background-color:#ffffff!important; width: 800px !important;}
.dropdownFriendCategories {background-color:#ddeeff!important;float:right!important;}
.activityStreamModule {background-color:#ddeeff!important; width: 800px !important;font-size:12px!important;color:#000000!important;}
.commentContainer {background-color:#bbddff!important;font-size:12px!important;color:#000000!important;}
.article#module-6.module.module1.columnModule0.odd.adFbPromoModule.draggable {display: none !important;}

A couple of things applicable to the latest homepage changes. First you can get rid of the button for toggling between the two versions of the "artist" homepage, if you're not fond (If you are committed to the new page, then you'll have found that my script doesn't look very nice on it anyway!)

.homeSwitch, {display: none !important;}

Having recently set up a joint 'Artist' site with a Transatlantic chum (Hi CC!), I noticed that there is an extra section in the Notifications Module of the US version of homepage, which isn't on ours in the UK. Not being a gigging musician or having the need to announce "Events", I've chosen to remove it thusly:-

li.notification.Events {display:none!important;}

PS... I also planned to post some tips for AdBlock Plus here, showing you how to block ALL the adverts EVERYWHERE on EVERY MySpace page. But the SpaceMonkeys rewrite the URL code so it doesn't appear on the page as you would need to type it into your filters list. Funny that...


(NB... After the kerfuffle with Firefox 6 not supporting Stylish, I'm now back on v4.1). That "Events" section in the Notifications Module HAS now appeared on the UK version of the homepage as well as the US one - so same applies! The "Stream Tabs" now appear to be redundant - they're not even there on the 'new' homepage[s?] at all. There is now no difference between the "Live" and "Highlights" streams. You basically just get the highlights, whether you like it or not. So you can get rid of the code for applying your chosen background scheme to the stream tabs and just include the following (in the /home section) instead:-

.streamTabs {display: none !important;}

I think that the Chrome version of Stylish is a bit more picky about what order you run your scripts in. Given the fact that this project has been added to piecemeal over a period of time, maybe I should load this into a dedicated, syntax-checking code editor like AEdiX or Webtide and clean it up a bit? I still can't figure out if the fact that sometimes the scripts work straight away and sometimes you have to refresh the page to make them work, is a fault of MySpace, Google Chrome or (in all probability) ME! hahaha - I'm missing my wee Foxy already...
NB. Now that I've been on Chrome again for a day(!), I've noticed that the bit that apples to the BLOG pages above doesn't quite do the trick! That part will definitely need attention. I've disabled that section of my Stylish for the time being, until I can come back to it (either skip that section altogether or disable the lines by putting a few inappropriate characters in front  - I generally use underscores____). I also noticed that Chrome sometimes requires you to refresh the page a couple of times before it applies your changes. Just another evening's R&D!

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